Using the Crazy Quilling Fringing technique you could create an amazing dog with our small Crazy Quilling Fringing dog kit.

With our Crazy Quilling Fringing small dog kit you not only get to enjoy the craft of Fringing but you also end up with your own amazing dog. This Crazy Quilling Fringed kit includes – a painted dog shape, pre-cut quilling paper, glue and those ever so important instructions. This is a kit with a difference and once completed you will have a gorgeous dog and the joy of having made it. Perfect as a gift to yourself or others.

This dog stands 9cm high and is approximately 11cm long.

Puppy’s come in different colour ways, Black & Brown, Cream, White & Brown. Please email studio@becarussell.co.uk with what colour you would like your puppy to come in and if the colour is not listed please us know and we will see what we can do.

You just need to provide a pair of scissors, a little patience and a lot of love.